The Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Lab is closed and is now Bakery, a modern day bakery and cafe by Pastry Chef Melissa Camacho. Bakery specializes in all types of in- house baked goods including Italian  pastries, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, breakfast items, breads, gelatos and  sorbets.


To celebrate the cocoa bean-to-chocolate bar journey by means of creating innovative chocolate items that uplift and bring joy to cocoa farmers, chocolate consumers and the artisans who create these items.

The Chocolate Lab uses single-origin chocolates, many of which are manufactured entirely in cocoa-growing countries-of-origin. For many years, cocoa has been cultivated in one part of the world and chocolate manufactured in another and this disparity has lead to unequal distribution of the value created. Consequently, we haven't reached the full economic and culinary potential of this magical and mythic bean, accoridng to Chef François Kwaku-Dongo.

By showcasing companies that support fair and transformational business practices (sucha s companies that make the chocolate in the country-of-origin) we more closely link farmers to consumers, creating new value in traditionally agrarian economies, so farmers can capture price premiums and secure price stability allowing them to invest in lifelong education, grow better products and secure a better life for their family.

Our artisans in the Chocolate Lab transform our "beyond fair trade" chocolate into delicacies for all to enjoy. They love to share the story of the bean-to-pleasure journey as you watch them practice their craft.

Chef François Kwaku-Dongo was raised on his grandmother’s cocoa farm in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, where there is an estimated 2 million cocoa farms producing over 2.6 million tons of cocoa annually. In addition to François’ accolades as a first-rate chef, and his tenure at Spago restaurant in West Hollywood and Chicago, François serves as the culinary director for The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company, producers of premium, fair trade chocolate products distributed around the world.

What Makes Our Coffee Different at Chocolate Lab?
The time and attention paid to each detail in the steps of extracting the flavors and aromas of expertly-sourced and roasted coffees from around the global coffee kaleidoscope.


What We Offer
Traditional Brew, Pour-Over Method, Espresso Extraction, Siphon Method Extraction

We use an approach to espresso called 'Ristretto'.

A Ristretto shot is a short, dark, rich, almost thick-like-honey coffee experience. Our freshly pulled Ristretto is essentially all Crema when compared to a 'traditional' 2oz espresso.

To achieve this effect, we use the weight of a standard double espresso (approx. 18g) and push through the coffee less than the volume of water for a standard single espresso. We do this in a timeframe of 25-30 seconds from start to finish. The result is 1-1.75 fl oz of coffee that can be described as bolder, fuller, and showing more body with less bitterness.

The reason for this coffee epiphany is that hte water comes in contact with the coffee for a much shorter time period than other espresso methods. In turn, less of the bitter caffeine is extracted and instead more of the flavorful coffee oils are what dominate this not-to-be-missed fancy.

Pour-Over Method
Our approach to single-cup, brewed-to-order goodness!

Using single origin, Direct or Fair Trade Certified coffees, we literally 'pour water over' your choice of our ever-changing global selection. From the first 20-second 'bloom' by the barista to the last sip from the cup, this brewing method is not to be passed up. Our Baristas are trained to understand and adjust to the nuanced flavors and aromas that each different coffee has to offer, and even the differences between the first day we receive the coffee, to the last bean in the bag. This cup is a journey, made just for you.

Siphon Method
A Chemistry Lab gone crazy - originating somewhere in Germany in the late 1800s this method of extraction is the bee's knees for bringing out many of the floral, citrus, and other delicate notes within a coffee. Using thermal dynamics and all the stuff from science class that we logn forgot, we heat a glass bulb appartus filled with water, then add freshly ground coffee at just the right moment, and let the show begin! The resulting coffee from this method is an intense yet balanced coffee experience like no other; one that we are proud to be able to offer. But dont' take our word for it, come in and ask a barista today!




(2.5 Hours; $125 per person)

Chocolate History

Making Your Own Ganache

Piping the Truffle

Melting Chocolate

Rolling Truffle in Cocoa

Packaging & Tasting the Truffle

Two bottles of Champagne



(2.5 Hours; $95 per person)

Chocolate History

Making Your Own Ganache

Piping the Truffle

Melting Chocolate

Rolling Truffle in Cocoa

Packaging & Tasting the Truffle



(2 Hours; $65 per person)

Chocolate History

Tempering Chocolate

What Is Ganache

Molding Candy

Tasting of Candy & Chocolate


(1.5 Hours; $45 per person)

Chocolate History

Two Batches of Marshmallow

Skewer Marshmallow and Fruit Dipped in Chocolate



Chocolate Lab Aprons

All ingredients and materials

Drinks (Juice, Milk and Water)

Take Home Recipe

Goody bag of items made that day

    Children’s Classes are suitable for ages 5yrs and older

(Due to preparation materials and space limitations the minimum group size is 10 guests and the maximum is 12 guests)

Prices are exclusive 6.35% Sales Tax and 18% Gratuity.





























March 1st  - Kids Class
Cookies and Brownie Making
Max - 12 children
ages 6 and up
$45 per child, plus tax and graturity
Parent recieves a 25% discount on F&B while child is in class or after/before
AND parent received 20% off if he/she chooses to book an adult class
Included in price:
* apron
* Chef's hat
* welcome hot chocolate
* introduction to chocolate history
* child choses two types of cookies to make from our list of 6
* brownies
* recipe
* goody bag
* certificate
  March 6th - Adult Class  
Ganche Making, Paired with wine
Max 12 people
$75 per person, plus tax and gratuity
25% of F&B in eleven14 Kitchen before or afterwards
Included in Price
* apron
* welcome surprise cocktail
* introduction to chocolate history
*  learn to make 2 types of ganache infusions
* learn to make 2 different gelatos

* both types of ganache selected will be matched with wine for you to enjoy

* both types of gelato being made will be matched with wine to enjoy

* recipe
* goody bag
* certificate



WINTER HOURS:  Mondy - Saturday 7am - 8pm

The Chocolate Lab is located inside the J House, 1114 E Putnum Ave, Riverside CT. 06878

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